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Pleasure Pulse Playshops
Celebrating our Pleasure Together

These are IN PERSON small group structured classes designed to activate the pleasure sensations in your body.

We celebrate and honor ourselves and each other!

We find presence and safety in ourselves and our bodies. 

We activate the pleasure in our bodies with breath work and explore moving the pleasure energies throughout our whole body with dance.  

The beautiful benefits are:

Feeling Alive in Vibrant. 

Being in a healthy relationship with your body. 

Greater sensitivity in the body

Cultivate a positive POV on Pleasure. 

Being in community with women.

Have more energy and be more magnetic for the experiences you deeply desire to have. 

Next Playshop is August 2, 2022 6:10PM to 7:10PM

3422 Miguelito Ct, Studio 3. San Luis Obispo CA


This playshop is for women

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